Sidrat Abdullah

Position title: Post-doc

Dr. Abdullah was a Post-Doc with a primary focus on the project titled ‘Late Blight Resistant Potato Germplasm for US Breeding Programs’ in collaboration with Dennis Halterman, Vegetable Crops Research Unit USDA, ARS. His work emphasizes the interaction between the RB gene and the corresponding IPI-O effector and understanding the molecular interactions between host R gene products and pathogen effectors. His research also focuses on testing the durability of known R genes by repeated passage of P. infestans through resistant hosts and diploid potato breeding to introduce new sources of resistance into late blight resistant germplasm.

Ph.D. Plant Science – South Dakota State University, Brookings SD, 2017
M.S. Plant Biotechnology (Molecular breeding and plant pathology) – Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2012