Update 3 – April 25, 2020

Amanda Gevens, Dept. Chair, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, UW-Madison Plant Pathology, gevens@wisc.edu, Cell: 608-575-3029

The UW Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic has been authorized to receive a limited number physical samples for plant disease analyses. Check https://pddc.wisc.edu/ for details on the prescreening and prioritization process for sample submission. Be safe and keep healthy!

Brian Hudelson
Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Phone: (608) 262-2863, FAX: (608) 263-2626
E-mail: hudelson@wisc.edu
Website: https://pddc.wisc.edu
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2020 University of Wisconsin Madison Extension Commercial Vegetable Crop Production Management Guide: Our production guide is updated every October with release of a new guide in January. The book can be downloaded for free as a pdf at the link below, or can be purchased online for $12.50. https://learningstore.extension.wisc.edu/products/commercial- vegetable-production-in-wisconsin


Jed Colquhoun, UW-Madison Horticulture, colquhoun@wisc.edu:

Lorox DF Special Local Need label approved for Wisconsin carrot production: The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has approved a Special Local Need (24c) label for Wisconsin carrot production. This label is similar to the one that expired at the end of 2019 and is specific to Wisconsin carrots only. The label outlines allowable uses of Lorox DF based on soil texture, organic matter, depth to groundwater and proximity to wells. The new Special Local Need label expires on 12/31/2024.

The label is included below and is posted on the DATCP special pesticide registrations web site: https://datcp.wi.gov/Documents/SpecialUses.pdf. Many thanks to DATCP and TKI NovaSource for supporting this request.


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